Sankashti Chaturthi, a revered observance in Hindu culture, is a fasting day dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. Falling on the fourth day of the waning moon, or Krishna Paksha, this day holds special significance as it is believed to bring deliverance from difficulties. 

This year, on April 27th, 2024, devotees will observe Vikat Sankashti Chaturthi, marking the Chaturthi Tithi of Vaishakh Maas Krishna Paksha. Here are the key details and auspicious timings for the observance: 

- Date: 27th April 2024, Saturday 

- Chaturthi Tithi Begins: 08:17 AM, 27th April 2024 

- Chaturthi Tithi Ends: 08:21 AM, 28th April 2024 

- Moonrise Time: 10:23 PM, 27th April 2024 

- Puja Shubh Muhurat: 07:21 AM - 09:01 AM 

During this time, Bhadra will also cast its shadow, residing in heaven from 05:44 AM to 08:17 AM. 

Significance of Vikat Sankashti Chaturthi:  

Vikat Sankashti Chaturthi holds immense significance as devotees worship Lord Ganesha to seek his blessings and success in their endeavors. Observing a fast on this day is believed to usher in auspiciousness and alleviate financial difficulties, enhancing one’s financial well-being. 

Rituals Associated with Sankashti Chaturthi Vrat: 

- Devotees observe a rigorous fast from dawn till moonrise, breaking it only upon sighting the moon. This fast symbolizes self-control and devotion, demonstrating the devotee’s dedication to seeking Lord Ganesha’s blessings.