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About Maa Baglamukhi (Pitambari):Baglamukhi also referred to as the “Goddess who paralyzes enemies” is the 8th Goddess of the Das Mahavidyas in Hinduism. The word Bagala is derived from the word Valga (meaning - to rein in/bridle) and Mukhi (meaning the mouth) hence having the power to silence/paral..
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The feminine energy is known for its power and divinity throughout the Hindu/Vedic scriptures. The Das Mahavidyas encompass the 10 different forms of the Divine Mother-Shakti, where Dus/Dasa means ten, and the words Maha refers to great and Vidya refers to knowledge.Whether one seeks worldly boons o..
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Kanak Dhara Puja: Recover from Huge Debts & Improve Financial StabilityAbout Goddess Kanak Dhara:Kanak Dhara is a form of the Goddess Lakshmi. “Kanak” refers to “wealth” and "Dhara" refers to "flow" Thus Kanakdhara means the continuous flow of wealth and luck.The hymn was written in the 8th cent..
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Maha Mrityunjaya JaapMaha Mrityunjaya Jaap is performed to receive the blessings of Shivji to avoid untimely death and achieve Victory (Jaya) over death (Mritya).Key Insights :To achieve Jaya or Victory over Mrityu (death).Mrithyunjaya means “Conqueror of Death”.Performed on Sravan, Karthik Month or..
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