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Akhand Jyot in Siddh Balaji Mandir, Vaishali, Ghaziabad
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Akhand Jyot symbolizes the eternal presence of the divine Mother Goddess. It is considered auspicious to light a lamp with ghee in front of Devi Maa’s idol, especially during the 9 days of Navratri.BenefitsRemove negative energyHelps get rid of diseasesAbundance of Love, success, and financeHelps wi..
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Akhand Ramayan PaathAkhand Ramayan Paath is the recital of Ramcharit manas continuously without stopping for 24 hours, It is performed with bhajans and kirtan in the praise of lord Shri Ram and his life teachings for getting the blessings and having a peaceful life.Key Insights :Performed for glorif..
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Durga Saptashati path also known as Chandi path or Devi Mahatamya path is a 700-verse extract from Markandeya Purana.  The 700 verses are organized into 13 chapters. The greatness of this path as told by Lord Shiva to Paarvati is that anyone who gets this path done properly by a learned pundit ..
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Sunderkand PathSundarkand Path describes Mahaveer Hanuman’s devotion along with stories of valour, wisdom, faith, dedication and strength of lord hanuman. Performing this Path in our home gives us mental and physical strength and helps in getting rid of desiderata and illness in one's life.Key Insig..
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