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JiPanditJi Suvarndeep Panchtatva energy lamp

JiPanditJi Suvarndeep Panchtatva energy lamp
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The Suvarndeep is designed using the Vedic principles of Vaastu Shastra and the study of various energy flows to instantly remove negativity and energize the aura around you.

The Suvarndeep is useful for correcting violations of the natural laws of energy flow known as Vastu Doshas and has a powerful positive effect on the living or working space.

Suvarndeep is one of Vastu's most important energetic devices. Helps you grow and succeed in your Home and Business.

The presence of the Suvarndeep provides success, peace of mind and happiness through health, wealth and harmony.

In addition to making subtle but powerful changes in our reality and life, divine and spiritual feelings remain in our homes.

According to Indian philosophy, each shape of Suvarndeep represents five great elements of nature (Panchtatva) or Pancha Mahabhut, Bhoomi (Earth), Agni (Fire), Vayu (Wind), Jala (Water) and Shunya (Aether) providing complete purification of the area where it is used.

On the base of the Suvarndeep, the lamp illuminated by the powerful asterisk symbol of Panchatatva removes negative Energy and energizes the aura around you.

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