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Hanuman ji ka chola at Siddh Balaji Mandir

Hanuman ji ka chola at Siddh Balaji Mandir
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Hanuman ji ka chola at Siddh Balaji Mandir
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Applying sindoor on the entire idol along with Vedic mantras is known as Hanuman ji ka chola”. Sindoor is considered to be utterly dear to Hanuman ji, therefore, if this ceremony is performed under supervision and with complete dedication, it can help you with various benefits like removing ill effects of planetary positions, obstacles, and many more.  (Read the blog on our website to know more.)

You can now leave this process to us from the comfort of your home and we will perform the rituals on your behalf. Below is the detailed process.

First, we will take Sankalp (oath) for the ceremony in Jajmaan’s name (who needs to perform the puja) with Full name and Gotra.

Then, sindoor will be mixed with Jasmine (Chameli) Oil and applied on Hanuman ji’s idol along with mantras.

After this Janeu, silver leaf (Chandi vark), fruits, and flowers will be offered.

Once this is done, a ghee lamp will be lit and aarti will be performed.

** This entire process will be done by our learned and experienced Aacharyas


Sindoor and Prasad will be couriered to you.

You will be able to see a live telecast of the puja on our Youtube channel and later video recording will be shared with you on your registered email.

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