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Jipanditji is a divine online platform that provides easy access to religious ceremonies, Pooja, Remedy Rituals, and Temple Darshan across temples in India and round the Globe. We are one stop solution to fulfill your divine desire, be it Pooja Samagri, books, idols and many more available online at unbelievable rates. Our Astrological services are the best beyond doubts, we believe astrology is a science, hence each such services are provided by certified Panditji which you can always rely on. Easy access, affordable packages with smooth and transparent transactions are the main features that the devotional seekers can enjoy effortlessly from anywhere in the world. In today’s world, people have an urge to perform religious activities but they are actually distant and tied-up with many domestic and work-related day to day challenges. Most of the time they are restricted to offer divine activities due to lack of resources and knowledge. To maintain the cultural and divine connect, Jipanditji has come up with a basketful of services that offers range of activities.

Spirituality with Social Cause (Waste Management | Recycling | Employment) has started one of a kind Service Here in Delhi NCR.
We are supplying Fresh Flower garlands across Delhi NCR Daily to the Shop Owners and Residents for their daily Puja/Worship. Not only this, we are collecting these flower waste next day from them to recycle. Also we are collecting the flower waste from other Temples across Delhi NCR and recycling them to produce Eco friendly products. Inspired by the number of flowers discarded after use in various ceremonies throughout India, We have a vision about how to use the flowers instead of dumping them in landfills or in the countries already polluted waters.   What products we are manufacturing: • Incense / Incense Sticks • Colors for Holi • A Foam based material which will replace the thermocol. • Vermicompost • Perfumes • Soaps • Papers , etc.

Puja Service: Online Puja (e-Puja) | Puja at your doorsteps | Puja at temples

In Sanatan Dharma people believe that Archana, Abhishekam, Homams and other religious ceremonies performed at ancient Temples acquire the Positive Energy and Divine Grace beneficial to devotees. Our Distant Puja service facilitates ‘Divine Interaction,’ and offers reliability and credibility with accountability and transparency,” Now Devotees have a good news to continue their divine journey. When anyone is seeking to offer Pooja at home or any remote place, Jipanditji can help you accomplish it in a correct manner. We have a wide range of various Poojas that includes Religious Ceremony Pooja at home or away, Grah Pravesh, and Remedy Rituals etc. Our expert team will provide you Panditji and Pooja Samagri along with divine advice. has provided and Online Booking Platform where Devotees can Book any kind of Puja Ceremony, Honam, Jaap they wish to perform. JiPanditJi will send the Priest/Panditji with all the Puja Samagri at Devotees Door step to perform the desired Puja/Ceremony. Few of the Puja Ceremony which are on high demand are: • Grah Pravesh Puja • Namkaran Puja • Santan Puja ( Remedial Puja for having problem in conceiving the Child) • Akhand Ramayan Paath • Maha Mrityunjay Jaap • Rudrabhishek Puja • Remedial Puja for Court Cases • Remedial Puja for Marriage Problems And Many more……..

Pilgrimage | Heritage Tours |Cultural Tours

There are thousands of holy temples across India and the world. Many devotees wish to visit the temple but due to lack of correct information and resources, they cannot visit. Keeping this in mind, Jipanditji has designed the Temple Darshan Packages that offers ease and simple process to fulfill their wish. Temple Darshan includes travel, hotel stay, Meal, Darshan and Pooja. Now make your wish and Jipanditji will help you to make it happen. The company provides comfortable Teerth Sthal Darshan, Diligently Planned Indian Holy Pilgrimage Tours, Famous Indian Temple Tours, Indian Spiritual Tour packages by dedicated expert team. conducts spiritual tours and packages which includes: • Uttrakhand Char Dham Yatra, ( Yamunotri | Gangotri | Kedarnath | Badrinath) • 12 Jyotirlinga Yatra • Bharat Darshan and more. • Shirdi Sai Dham • Char Dham Yatra (Badrinath | Jagannath Puri | Rameshwaram |Somnath) • Vaishno Devi And many more…… In fact we cover all the pilgrimage places across globe.

Healing with Feelings

Stress Management is what which the need of the hour is. Also we know India as the Diabetic Capital of the world. So has come up with a set of natural therapies on the theme called “3D Free World” 3 D here means • Doctor • Drugs • Diabetic These Natural therapies include: – Reiki Healings | Healing through Subconscious Mind Techniques | Auricular Therapy | Meditation | Yoga | also provides Outstation Yoga and Meditation Packages in Himalayas, far away from the pollution of the city. All can be booked online. conduct various stress Management workshops in Schools, Colleges and Corporates.

Astrological Guidance through Vedic, Numerology, Vastu etc.

No One knows what lies ahead in life. Sometimes success becomes a cause for severe difficulties in life and sometimes serious suffering inspires to create a great life experience. But when people stuck at some point in time, they need an accurate guidance that considers a deep study from the astrological perspective. At JiPanditJi, there is a dedicated team of renowned professional astrologer available at the fingertips. The Team works through telephone, email, chatting or meeting personally. All you need to do is to register on the website and choose the astrologer of your choice. Our expert astrologers will help you to get a JanamKundali, checking Grah Dosh / Vastu Dosh, Match Making, Various advice on income, career, love, relationships, health etc.

Marketplace for authentic Puja Items and other Samagri.

On the religious path there are various things that we need in our daily practices. Flowers, Agarbatti (Incense sticks), Deity cloths, Idols, Chandan, Hawan Samagri etc. Many times it is difficult to get all necessary things at a time and place you live. Though these items are now made available by various marketplaces but one cannot speak about the authenticity of these products. A devotee expects that the products used for worshipping God should be pious and free from religious defects. Understanding these requirements we also wish all your religious and spiritual activities continue in a greater way. JiPanditJi is glad to dedicate the online divine store for all those divine servants of the almighty. At the divine store you can find all religious books and puja Samagri with a reasonable price and will be delivered at your door steps across globe.

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