• Abhimantrit Citrine (Sunela) 10 Ratti – Brazilian Origin

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    Abhimantrit Citrine (Sunela) 10 Ratti – Brazilian Origin

    Citrine Stone Benefits
    Since centuries, Citrine gemstone is recognized for its strong metaphysical properties and healing abilities. Apart from its mesmerizing beauty and affordable prices, the astrological benefits of Citrine gemstone also attract the wearer and make this gemstone more desirable. Below, we have mentioned some of the most important Citrine benefits –

    Improves Professional and Financial Growth – Due to its association with the planet of wisdom and wealth, it is believed that Sunela stone benefits the professionals and business owners suffering from serious monitory losses, unwanted expenses and investment failures. It bestows strong psychic abilities and self-confidence, thereby helps the wearer to deal wisely with the financial stress.

    Promotes Higher Learning – According to the ancient belief, wearing Sunela stone positively effects the learning capacity and analytical skills of the wearer. Therefore, this gemstone is considered highly beneficial for students, research professionals and individuals preparing for government jobs and competitive exams.

    Restores Fertility and Matrimonial Harmony – The positive energies of Sunela gemstone benefits individual involved in a stressful relationship. Yellow Citrine benefits can also be experienced by the married people who have difficulty conceiving a child.

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