• Nariyal with zipper for prasad


    This natural coconut crust holds several items which can be distributed as Prasada to the devotees after performing a ritual/puja. The nariyal is zipped to secure the items.

    The items inside the Nariyal are:

    • Sandal paste – for use in prayers
    • Ganesh, Laxmi and Saraswati coin – for good luck. Keep this in prayer altar or cash box
    • Prasada – Sweet offerings used during prayers. Consume this for blessings.
    • Mauli (Kalava)- Holy thread to tie around your wrist (right wrist for males and left wrist for females).
    • Attar- Perfume for applying to deity idols and deepen your meditations.
    • Gomukhi with Rudraksha mala- Energized during prayers.
    • Peacock feather – Keep for protection and good luck in a vase near your work desk
    • Vibhuti: Holy ash from Havan for applying on forehead.

    Weight: 300 grams approx

    Spiritual significance:

    It can also be distributed to other devotees on any religious occasions

    • Distribution in mata ki choki, bhagwat and festivals etc.
    • Welcoming guests in spiritual occasions, yatras ike vaishno devi.
    • Disturbing gifts at bhagawat saptah, mata ke choki, navratra, janmastami, ramnavi.
    • A spiritual gifts to welcoming and distributing devotees.
    • A Respect and sign of respacteness to peoples at special occasions and pujas.
  • Puja Samagri Subscription from JiPanditJi

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    Puja Samagri Box with 15 Divine Items.Along with unlimited Supply of DhoopBatti/Agarbatti*

    Items in the Box :
    • Ganesh, Ganpati, Brass Statue Indian Ganesha,Solid Brass Sculpture Artifact, Valuable Collection.
    • Hindu Pooja Lota Kalash – Brass Vessel Handmade for Hindu Puja.
    • Pure Brass Thali, Best Quaity, 100% Pure Brass.
    • Brass Metal Tortoise/ Kachua Of Good Luck Sign/ Wish Fulfillment Gift/ Showpiece/ Home Décor/ Temple/ Vaastu Feng Shui Item
    • Shri sampoorn Yantra for Money, Success and Achievement
    • Brass Agarbatti Stand, Agardaan, Incense Holder with Detachable Base.
    • Gangotri Gangajal Bottle |Aarti Book | JipanditJi Dhoop
    • Jipanditji Agarbatti. | Roli | Moli | Kapoor | Beads Mala

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