• Kaal sarpa Dosh Nivaran Puja

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    Kaal sarpa Dosh Nivaran Puja

    When all the planets come between Rahu and Ketu than Kaal sarpa dosha occurs. A person faces lots of hardships due to this dosha. By performing this Puja all the negative effects are nullified.
    If you are not aware of your horoscope that you may be affected with Kaal sarp dosha. Please call us to consult our panditjis who would be able to advise you.

    Key Insights :

    • Performed for Kaal sarpa dosha Nivarana.
    • Untimely obstacles or hurdles are removed.
    • Done on an auspicious date compatible with your Janma nakshatra.
    • Main deity: Rahu and Ketu.
    • Main ingredient is Black Gram (Uddina bhele) and Horse Gram(Hurali kaalu).

    Inclusions :

    • Dakshina
    • All Puja Samagri
    • Flowers & Fruits
    • Prasad

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