piyush shukla

  • Experience of 10 years & 500+ kundali analysis.
  • Expert in child birth,marriage, divorce, transfers, profession, Visa,loan,house purchase ,court case and more.
  • 500+ satisfied clients in India, Singapore, Australia, UK,Dubai.
Vedic Shashtra
Puja & Rituals
Kundali Milaan
Naadi Nakshatra

Remedial Solutions for all your problems

  • Detailed Answer To Your Problem
    Know the exact Reason behind the Problem based on your Birth Chart
  • Effective Solutions To Boost Your Business
    Remedies to get reduce the effect of Problems and Boost your Business.
  • Guidelines From Expert
    Remedial Suggestions by Experts with over 20 years of experience solving Business related Issues
  • The Personal Touch
    Reports are fully Personalised, Customised to address the Issues in your Business

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